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A Decade after DARPA
17 Oct 17
L,OS ANGELES - A view on the state of the art in self-driving cars By Bryan Salesky, chief executive, Argo AI
United States
Alternative mobility
Producing cars of the future
02 Oct 17
PARIS - The automotive industry is being reshaped by the mainstreaming of electric vehicles, the advent of autonomous, connected vehicles, personalisation and other trends.
Logistics | ICT | Vehicles

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Technology’s impact on aftersales
21 Feb 17
MUNICH - Cars are become safer, more reliable and people are driving less. These are all having an effect on a lucrative automotive profit centre - aftersales.
Logistics | ICT | Vehicles
Three-pronged technological revolutuion
12 Dec 16
The disruptive triangle of electrification, autonomous drive and connectivity technology is forcing the global auto industry to rethink how our cars will operate in the future, and how we will use them, says Renault-Nissan Alliance chief Carlos Ghosn
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