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Chariot rides in to ease congestion
18 Jan 18
No two cities are exactly the same. That holds true whether you’re discussing the local food scene or homegrown musical talent, and it’s equally true when it comes to transportation, writes Dan Grossman, Ford Smart Mobility vice president, Global Microtransit Services.
United States
Alternative mobility | City planning
Taking Back the Streets
09 Jan 18
Using Systems Thinking to Return Our City Streets to the Community, writes Marcy Klevorn, Ford Executive Vice President and President, Mobility
United States
City planning | Megacities | Transport systems | Vehicles

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Technology’s impact on aftersales
21 Feb 17
MUNICH - Cars are become safer, more reliable and people are driving less. These are all having an effect on a lucrative automotive profit centre - aftersales.
Logistics | ICT | Vehicles
Three-pronged technological revolutuion
12 Dec 16
The disruptive triangle of electrification, autonomous drive and connectivity technology is forcing the global auto industry to rethink how our cars will operate in the future, and how we will use them, says Renault-Nissan Alliance chief Carlos Ghosn
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